Day 3390: Fear

Yesterday, in my Coping and Healing therapy group, people talked about fear. The discussions included (1) the differences among feeling fearful, frightened, and afraid, (2) fear as one of the primal emotions, (3) the movie Inside Out (which I resolved to watch again before our next meeting), and inviting fear to come in and take a seat while we talked about it.

Do you see fear in any of my images for today?

I never fear sharing the Daily Bitch calendar here.

When I search YouTube for “fear” I find this

… and this:

I have no fear about the comments you might leave about this “fear” post.

Thanks to all who help me overcome any fears I might have about sharing thoughts, feelings, images, and videos every day, including YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3390: Fear

  1. I fear I left a few minutes less than usual to get ready to leave for work today, Ann …

  2. I fear that we over analyse much of what occurs naturally. I may start a doctoral thesis on that!

  3. My biggest fear is heights so I avoid them

  4. I had to face one of my biggest fears this morning when going for a dental visit. I think they have ‘fear’ written on my file, as I’ve talked about it with them, and they were extremely gentle with me. helped so much! ps. I though national borinqueeners day was for really bland people with poker faces who worship royalty.

  5. I really like the idea of inviting in fear. Many years ago I was staying in a strange house, in the basement, that was decorated with deer heads and antlers. They terrified me, especially in the dark, but then I started giving them funny names and voices. Renaming the fear allowed me to sleep that night.

  6. I, too, like the concept of inviting in fear. Facing it head-on somehow seems to lessen its grip. And for the record, I never fear that I won’t be comforted or entertained by your posts, Ann.

  7. I think it is tricky for me to not let fear morph into panic. That’s something I’m working on. Maybe it’s helpful to me, too, to consider inviting in fear. That’s an interesting concept, Ann. Thank you! Wish I could be in one of your groups. 🙂

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