Day 3385: All is ours

What does “all is ours” mean to you?

My first association with “all is ours” is this: all is ours to gain or lose, and we need to proceed mindfully to preserve what is precious to us.

Today is National All is Ours Day, so let us see all that the National Day Calendar has to say about that.

It looks like I celebrate National All is Ours Day every day through this blog!

All these images are now ours.

This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “all is ours.”

Thanks to all who help me appreciate what is ours, including YOU.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3385: All is ours

  1. Yes, Ann, I agree. It’s ours to make or break.

  2. Great pick with the tiles!!! I think you will be happy when all of that is done and the bathroom is really all yours again.

    • I can’t imagine when that will be but that time will eventually be here. Thanks for this great comment, Maureen.

  3. Ben Hur. Meracles can happen. Not only to those who believe that they can, but more so those who need to believe that they can.

  4. They seem to take All is Ours literally in your neck of the woods. Someone has taken your TV!

  5. All Is Ours Day is a good time to remember that we’re only here temporarily and that we need to work together and share with each other not just for ourselves but for generations to come.

  6. before reading the options I was thinking ‘all is ours’ means ‘all I have is ours to share with you.’ I still like that

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