Day 3384: Girls

Yesterday, I had a girl-to-girl talk with my good friend and fellow therapist, Megan. We talked about girls, boys, self care, and “you go, girl!” therapy (which we both practice sometimes).

When boys take up so much of today’s headlines, it helps me to talk to girls like Megan and my friend Maria, whom I’ll be visiting in Portland, Oregon next month.

Do you see any girls in today’s images?

On National Girl, Me Too Day, this girl wants to share this song about a girl who wanted to be an airline pilot, from the musical Come From Away.

This girl is filled with gratitude for all who help her create this daily blog, including YOU.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3384: Girls

  1. I love the female pilot’s song, from Come from Away. It is my favourite from that musical and ways makes me smile and cry. Thank you for posting it

  2. Go girls, go! We need your common sense to manage the world properly!

  3. Stan Kosick

    National Beer Day and my son’s 23rd Birthday. We are taking him for dinner this evening and we will have a beer.
    On to the subject at hand. Girls.
    It is weird, when I was growing girls were icky and cootie filled. I suspect they thought that way about me as well. But I always seemed to gravitate toward the females my age. They were smart and funny and very different from the locker room boys who did not dare speak about emotions and feelings as we were young men and not supposed to have such things. In college, it was a female classmate who introduced me to the Cure and the B52s. It was a collegiate tutor (& crush) who inspired me to get past my laissez-faire attitude toward my classes and my Animal House approach to college in general.
    With females so present in my life, it pains me to know there is still a stream of machismo flowing through our society. Worse, there are women who accept this as normal. It is not.

  4. A girl I used to know described herself as “a slightly muddy lotus”, which was very fitting. She was also very clever. I told her I’d gone to the library because I wanted to read Eloquent Rage by Brittney Cooper, but that it had been checked out, all of which was true. I then added, “I’m not sure how to express how I feel about that,” and she said, “I see what you did there.”

  5. Joan is front and center in your pics and unabashedly proud of it. one of the songs I could listen to on loop would be ‘clocks’ by Coldplay.

  6. You are ready to go, Ann!

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