Day 3380: Get colossally curious

As a therapist and a human being, I get colossally curious about people, their thoughts, their feelings, and their behaviors.

Yesterday, when I was walking outside with my colossally beloved friend Barbara during a curiously and colossally windy yet sunny day, we decided to get shelter from the wind by going into the Stone Zoo, where I saw this sign:

My birthday was in February and Barbara’s was in March, and in case people are getting colossally curious about how old we are, I will say that we have been celebrating birthdays with each other for over six decades. When we paid the zoo admission yesterday, we agreed that I would get Barbara’s ticket and she would get mine, which might have seemed colossally curious to the cashier.

Once we were inside the zoo, I got colossally curious about people’s wanting to spend time in a hurricane simulator that had 78 mile per hour winds …

… but I guess the winds that day weren’t colossal enough for them.

While we were at the zoo, Barbara told me that her favorite animal these days is our cat, Joan, which is not so colossally curious to me.

Are you getting colossally curious about my other images for today?

I get colossally curious about these National and World Days, and I’m hoping to listen to a film score (and maybe find some chocolate mousse) on World Party Day.

I find this on YouTube when I search for “get colossally curious” …

… and this:

I am colossally curious about the comments I’m going to get about this post.

Colossal thanks to all who help me stay curious enough to create this daily blog, including YOU.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3380: Get colossally curious

  1. What a wonderful day the two of you had. I feel happy just reading about it. “Create your life” is excellent advice. Thank you for that to Barbara.

  2. Why a in an curious day you two had! I’m always colossally curious about what others are colossally curious about. I am curious about the whole world

  3. puella33

    . I’m curious as to how the Flamingos manage in New England climate. Have a nice day, Ann

  4. I was colossally curious to discover what cooties meant. My colossal curiosity is no more!

  5. Happy birthday Barbara with her wonderful writings and colorings. It’s also curious that I often say I don’t like birds but then I see flamingos and I’m overjoyed. One of my favorite books is The Flamingo’s Smile by Stephen Jay Gould which is full of information for curious people.

  6. That is a perfect plate for the slaw, Ann!

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