Day 3374: Mastering the unknown

If you want to know about mastering the unknown, look no further than the message on this teabag:

It’s unknown to my deep self who writes those teabag sayings, but Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea is the most masterful tea I’ve ever known. It was recommended to me by another group therapist years ago and even though I myself don’t like licorice, I tried it and have deeply enjoyed it ever since.

While I was drinking that tea and watching the Oscars, my deep self (which was missing our late cat Oscar, who would always watch the Oscars with me) sent out this tweet:

It was unknown at that point that somebody was about to slap somebody else at the Oscars. It was also unknown to me that some guy on Twitter was going to lecture me for asking such a frivolous question while Putin was acting out on the world stage.

Something (perhaps my deep self) tells me it’s time to share the other images I collected yesterday, which may connect in unknown ways.


My deep self knows that there are unknowns about National Weed Appreciation day, so I’m sharing this:

It is unknown to me what I’ll find when I search YouTube for “mastering the unknown.”

Before I try to master the unknowns ahead of me today, my deep self wants to express gratitude to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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11 thoughts on “Day 3374: Mastering the unknown

  1. Nice, Joan, look before you leap.
    Nice, Ann, tweet about what moves you at the moment on your own account.
    Way to master your own knowns.

  2. There are lots of entertaining cat photos in your blog today, Ann, plus an intriguing tile teaser. Thank you for the great start to my day.

    When I read the odd responses that some people give to your Twitter posts, I wonder if you feel safe on Twitter, and if you mostly feel rewarded for your efforts there? I would like everyone to be kind to you.

    • Thank YOU for the great start to my day, Maureen. Your kindness to me makes up for anybody else who is less than kind to me anywhere. And I feel safe on Twitter and very rewarded for my efforts there. The negative can stick to me and I often dispel that by writing about it in my blog.

      • I am glad to know that blogging helps you dispel negativity from Twitter. Sometimes I feel guilty about how much work you have to put onto your blog for readers (like me).

  3. Every new day is an unknown. At any stage of every day I have mastered the unknown!

  4. I’m glad for the unknown because it provides an opportunity to learn new things. When I was young I was glad to be able to say I learned something new every day. I’m not sure when I stopped being aware of that but when I think about it I realize I am learning new things all the time.

  5. the unknown offers so many possibilities – it’s. a good thing

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