Day 3371: Stop thinking altogether

Thinking hasn’t really been helping me lately, so I’m identifying with today’s Daily Bitch Calendar.

I’m going to stop thinking altogether that

  • my worst fears are going to come true,
  • my fondest wishes are going to come true,
  • I have any way of accurately predicting the future,
  • I have any way of accurately knowing what anyone else is thinking, and
  • thinking will bring me peace.

I’ve stopped thinking altogether anxiously about the future by filling in the blanks of this:

Don’t go to _____ until you’re going to _____.

Examples: “Don’t go to work until you’re going to work.” “Don’t go to the vet until you’re going to the vet.” “Don’t go to the open mic until you’re going to the open mic.”

This altogether stops me from thinking about possible outcomes, which never match what actually happens.

Stop thinking altogether as you enjoy my images for today.

I’ve stopped thinking altogether about Lobster Newburg by remembering this song I wrote a few years ago — “What Are Other People Thinking About You?”

If you’re thinking I need to get my act all together and create better recordings of my songs, my son Aaron (who is now my manager) altogether agrees.

I’m stopping this post by expressing my gratitude to all who have stopped by my blog today, including YOU.

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21 thoughts on “Day 3371: Stop thinking altogether

  1. Leon Fairbanks

    Amazing shot of Joan.

  2. I think Joan has stopped thinking about chasing toy mice and is thinking about dinner!

  3. An early memory of music was when I listened to stereophonic music using headphones for the very first time (around the age of 2 or 3 I think). When my mom asked me what it sounded like, I raised my arms above my head touching my hands together, making a big circle. I also remember going to Kodaily music classes around age 3, learning about rhythm and notes.

  4. I have a very early memory of hearing Joplin’s “The Entertainer” for the first time and thinking, I want to be whatever this song is about. It’s probably best not to think about how much I’m not.

  5. I am glad that you keep thinking.. isn’t that what makes you thoughtful?

  6. I have stopped thinking about the weather and instead I go out into it and embrace it. my early music was a Mickey Mouse club song on an album .

  7. puella33

    Compliments on your song, Ann. My early music memory was when my grandmother would sing to me to go to sleep

  8. Congratulations on the connection with such a sharp manager, Ann! My early memories of music include listening to the Polish music shows on the radio with my father. When Karen, Elisabeth, George and I go to the Polish Fest or Polish Community Center for food and fun, I find that I innately know the words to so many of the songs played because of those early times!

  9. Great post, Anne! I’m not going to the dentist until I have to go to the dentist.
    My first memory of music is bashing hell out of my grandmother’s piano as soon as I was big enough to reach the keys. My technique did improve as I got older.

  10. I’m notorious for overthinking, and I often joke with others that “thinking is overrated!” LOL! And I have so many early memories of music that it’s hard to think of just one, but I was playing by ear and picking out tunes by the time I was three, and I remember sitting at my grandmother’s piano and how much attention I received. I remember it as my first introduction to a little taste of power. 🙂

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