Day 3363: Shared Stories

As a group therapist and as a human being, I believe that the more we share stories, the more we connect with each other.

Yesterday morning, I watched President Zelenskyy share powerful, heartbreaking, unforgettable stories about the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the U.S. Congress. I witnessed, for the first time in a long time, American lawmakers unite in response to the shared stories.

Do you see shared stories in my images for today?

In this blog, I have shared stories about my absolutely incredible kid, and I hope to share many more stories with you in the future.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “shared stories.”

I look forward to reading any shared stories in the comments section, below.

Thanks to all who help me create shared stories here, including YOU.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3363: Shared Stories

  1. Our family was so poor we couldn’t afford ancestors!

  2. Happy Purim, Happy St Patrick’s Day.

  3. Debbie T

    Love the crocuses! Ours haven’t bloomed yet.

    Here’s a favorite story about one of my ancestors: my father. He worked in downtown Philadelphia, and one morning he had a meeting to attend in a different section of the city. He felt lucky to find an open–and free–parking space not too far away from his destination. When he came out later in the day, he found a ticket on his windshield, for failure to pay the meter. What meter?, he wondered. And he looked to find a freshly cemented parking meter in the curb next to his car, that hadn’t been there that morning. He decided to go to traffic court to plead his innocence. When he told his story in court, the judge asked to have a call placed to the city department that oversees meters, and sure enough, the department reported that the meters in that stretch were just put in that afternoon. Ticket dismissed.

  4. I’m a big fan of sharing stories, and, more and more, a fan of President Zelenskyy whose strength and courage are genuinely inspiring. And here’s a story about my great uncle Clarence who went to Britain and toured Buckingham Palace. During the tour he went over to one of the guards and said, “Don’t mind me, I’m just here to see the Queen.”
    According to my grandmother that made the guards very suspicious and they followed him the rest of the tour. I think what they really thought was, “This Yank seems like a funny chap. Let’s follow him and see what he says next.”

  5. I’ve always loved the power of shared stories. My blog is part of my story. And one of my favorites happened around 2008 when I was seeing a hypnotherapist to help me lose weight. In the middle of the session I had a metaphysical experience. All of a sudden I was standing on the side of a mountain in a white-out blizzard. The next thing I knew, someone, or something was standing behind me. Giant white wings enfolded my body and purified me. It was an angel and it healed me of all shame. Shame I’d carried since childhood. True story.

  6. It’s difficult sometimes to share our stories. It requires vulnerability. I took a leap today.
    I do believe however that everyone has a story to share, and we can all learn something from these shared stories.
    You’re right about Zelenky’s story and leadership.

  7. puella33

    I agree, Zelinsky’s speach was great. I wish him and his country well

  8. Thank you for sharing your stories every day, Ann.

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