Day 3362: Surprise!

Last night, when I was surprised that the U.S. Senate had unanimously passed a bill revoking those surprisingly annoying, semi-annual time changes, I asked this question on Twitter:

I am surprised by how many nice people there are on Twitter and by how many of them are following me and answering my questions.

Are you surprised by any of my images for today?

I was momentarily surprised by how Everything You Think Is Wrong Day (March 15) is immediately followed by Everything You Do Is Right Day, but then it didn’t seem so surprising.

I’m grateful that, after more than 68 years alive on this surprising Earth, I am still capable of being surprised.

When I search YouTube for “Surprise!” I find this:

Thinking of leaving a comment? Surprise me!

Thanks to all the wonderful, kind-hearted, empathic people out there who are capable of being surprised, including YOU!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3362: Surprise!

  1. I like the signs of spring I’m seeing in your photos, Ann, and I’m almost surprised by the advances one state east!

  2. I’m surprised by the punctured caesar dressing and the copper pipe with a segment missing. The video was hilarious. I threw a surprise bridal shower for my cousin once and she was SO ANGRY!! I was amazed by her reaction.

  3. Anonymouslycreative

    I’m actually surprised that the kitty in the picture on the stairway doesn’t look terrified of falling… 😅

  4. I have two poems about Daylight Savings Time–one for spring, one for fall–and I’m happily surprised they may be obsolete soon.

  5. I am surprised that Joan is taking greater and greater balancing risks. she is testing the limits of gravity and physics. come to think of it, I’m not surprised by it at all. I’m also not surprised by how many follow and respond to you on twitter, but I am surprised by all of the bathroom mayhem going on, but will not be surprised if it turns out beautifully in the end.

  6. Somebody broke through that shower wall with an abundance of enthusiasm. I sure hope that your repairs and renovations come to an end soon. Do you have some matching tile to replace these with? Or are you going to take out the whole wall? Do you know it is possible to tile over tile.

    • I think those repairs will be taking some time and we’ll be using new tiles. It’s no surprise to me how caring you are, Maureen.

  7. Today I was surprised to find that a bird is making a nest in my husband’s Dodger cap. It’s pretty funny! But maybe the bird is a Dodger fan!

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