Day 3345: National Get Over It Day

As a therapist, I try to help people get over it, where “it” is

  • loss,
  • old patterns of behaviors or thoughts that interfere with their moving forward,
  • past traumas, and/or
  • a belief in their own worthlessness.

However, I have never, ever said to anybody, “Get over it” because that never, ever helps.

So I wasn’t sure how to observe National Get Over It Day, especially in a world where people aren’t getting the opportunity to get over it, where “it” is

  • injustice,
  • war,
  • terrible people in power, and
  • COVID.

On National Get Over It Day, it also occurs to me that people in my nation (the USA) need to get over our unhealthy and self-centered nationalism.

Personally, I’ve been making progress on getting over it, where “it” is

  • a fear of machines breaking (because I’ve been dependent on cardiac pacemakers to stay alive since I was 10),
  • fears about doing or saying the wrong thing,
  • worries about putting myself out there on social media, and
  • an inaccurate sense of my own importance.

It’s time to get over myself and to move on to my images for National Get Over It Day.


Do you see anything about getting over it in my other images for today?

I can’t get over the fact that in all the hundreds of Daily Bitch Calendar entries I’ve seen over the years, this is the first one where she isn’t bitchy.

Here’s “Get Over It” by OK Go …

and “Get Over It” by the Eagles.

If you want to leave a comment, get over to the comments section, below.

I never, ever get over my gratitude for all those who help me blog every day, including you.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3345: National Get Over It Day

  1. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. If we can’t get over it, Ann, hopefully we can still get through it.
    My favorite subject in school was reading, and I still get to enjoy it every dang day.

  3. I can’t get over the fact that there are no pictures of cats in this post! I may need to go and lie down!

  4. Debbie T

    One of my favorite subjects in school was Logic. The most recent usage, among many, has been solving Wordle puzzles.

  5. When I can’t get over things that I want to get over, I like to sit atop them.and catch my breath.

  6. Several years ago I came to the realization that the saying “Time heals all wounds” was misleading. Serious wounds leave a scar, and that understanding helped me get over it.
    Mostly, anyway. It’s still hard to get into the specifics because I don’t think I’ll ever be entirely over it.

  7. I tried to get over a hill once, but slid back down and I decided to just pick another route and go around it

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