Day 3354: Safe Zones

As a group therapist, I think a lot about safe zones — how to make spaces safe enough for people to share their authentic selves and to heal.

Yesterday, I saw this right outside our door:

While this indicates the coming of a noisy zone, I’m still glad to see safe zones wherever they exist.

Today is the birthday of my oldest friend, Barbara, who helps make safe zones wherever she goes! Here’s a photo of Barbara and me in a safe zone before COVID:

Do you see safe zones in any of my other images for today?

I think it’s great that Barbara’s birthday is also International Women’s Day and National Oregon day, because she is the international woman who taught me the correct way to pronounce “Oregon.”

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “Safe Zones.”

I believe we are all hoping and praying for more safe zones throughout the world, here and now.

Please leave any comments about this “Safe Zones” post in the safe-enough zone below.

Thanks to all who makes zones safer, including you.

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5 thoughts on “Day 3354: Safe Zones

  1. I think Joan moving in has been a key to you and Michael feeling pretty good about a new cat these last months, Ann.

  2. On this International Women’s Day, do you think that if all world leaders and all senior managers were Women the whole world would be a safe zone?

  3. barbaralipps8

    I love your birthday tribute to me today. I never thought of it in those words before, but it makes me very happy to think of myself as helping to make safe zones wherever I go. Thank you for that gift.

  4. I worry we’re running out of safe zones so I’m glad you and Barbara are able to create your own together.

  5. happy birthday to your safe zone and friend, barbara. i find a safe zone in my classroom and i hope the kinder do as well. i wish a safe zone to all ukranians, in such danger zones at present.

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