Day 3348: What’s trending

What’s “trending” according to the dictionary?

Every morning, when I use Google to search for “National Days,” a list of what’s trending automatically pops up. I don’t particularly want to know what’s trending, but here’s what’s trending today:

What’s trending, not surprisingly, includes

  • more fears than facts,
  • click-bait,
  • major omissions (including Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address), and
  • pancakes.

Is anything trending in my other images for today?

I’m thinking that on National Old Stuff Day, a lot of old stuff — old patterns, old habits, old beliefs, old fears, old perspectives — is trending. At the group therapy conference I’m attending, people are trying to trend towards new, healthier, and more authentic ways of being.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “what’s trending.”

What’s trending where you are?

Gratitude is always trending here, so thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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11 thoughts on “Day 3348: What’s trending

  1. The arrival of March is trending in my house, Ann. Alas, a light snow is collecting outside as I get ready to leave for work this morning of its second day.

  2. puella33

    The idea of Spring and new hopes is trending in my world, Ann

  3. I’ve been hearing that a lot of old Soviet-era jokes are trending right now because they seem current, like this one:
    A Moscow man buys a newspaper, glances at the front page, then throws it straight out. The next day he does it again. And again. Eventually the seller snaps. “Why DO you do that?”
    “Oh, I’m just checking for an obituary”
    “But obituaries aren’t even on the front page!”
    “The one I’m looking for will be”

  4. the trends here all lean toward spring and it’s imminent arrival.

  5. Like others, we have spring trending here. The beginnings of green bring hope to my heart…

  6. There’s a lot of stress in the world that keeps us all on heightened alert. What’s trending in my life is finding ways to release some of that stress!

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