Day 3347: Tough questions

Today’s blog title is inspired by the Daily Bitch calendar.

Today and tomorrow I’ll be attending (remotely) a Group Psychotherapy conference and, based on past experience, there will be tough questions and illuminating answers over the next two days.

To me, tough questions include:

  • why is there so much injustice?
  • why do people lie?
  • why does fear control so many people?
  • who should you trust?
  • why do cats live such short lives and giant tortoises live such long ones?
  • why modern packaging?
  • why is there so much greed?
  • why do I keep waking up in the middle of the night?
  • why don’t more people realize that life is short?
  • how do I balance my needs with other people’s needs?
  • what happens after we die?
  • why is it so difficult to stay in the moment and appreciate it?
  • why are people so concerned and careful about their own homes but not about our shared home — Earth?
  • How’s it going?

Do you see any tough questions (or answers) in my other images for today?

On Twitter, people sometimes ask me tough questions about the National Days (which I share every day) and I try my best to answer them.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “tough questions.”

I look forward to any questions or answers in the comments for this “Tough Questions” post.

There is no question about the gratitude I feel for everyone who helps me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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5 thoughts on “Day 3347: Tough questions

  1. Jack

    I figured out, not to go to war with Iraq in 2003!

    and I love my mom. and I wanna work with her at the Hibulb Cultural Center Library.

    Room 112.

  2. Why do cats love to sink down like that, Ann?

  3. I love the tough questions video. Perhaps we should outlaw testosterone. It seems to be at the route of a great deal of conflict!

  4. I am constantly figuring out things, find myself saying, ‘hmmmmmm…..that’s why -” and it’s all mostly trial and error, but I never forget the lesson.

  5. Sometimes when I’d spout out some random bit of trivia a coworker at the library would ask, “Do you know everything?” And I’d say, honestly, that what I don’t know could fill several libraries. “Easy” and “tough” are relative. Every question’s easy if you know the answer and every question’s tough if you don’t.

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