Day 3346: Consciousness

Thanks to my friend and hairstylist, Mia, I’m reading this wonderful book about consciousness.

Michael A. Singer describes consciousness as “pure awareness” — the part of you that is observing your thoughts, emotions, and internal and external experiences.

Here’s a dictionary definition of “consciousness.”

I’m conscious of the fact that since I’ve started reading “The Untethered Soul,” I’m more in touch with my consciousness, calmness, clarity, and joy.

What does your consciousness tell you about the other images in today’s blog?

My consciousness is aware that there is a lot going on, outside of me and inside of me. And I can’t help but wonder about a day that seems to celebrate being unconscious in public spaces.

I’m working at home today without a break from 9 – 5, so I doubt I’ll be losing consciousness at my desk.

Here’s what I find when I search for “consciousness Michael A. Singer” on YouTube:

My consciousness is aware that I am not my thoughts, feelings, or this message on the side of a carton of sour cream:

Thanks to all who have consciousness here and now, including YOU!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3346: Consciousness

  1. I’m about to head back to the library after a week’s staycation, Ann, so I will be very in touch with what’s going on at my desk and on the main floor.

  2. I have started this book about four or five times. Likely not the fault of the book. Likely I will try again at some point. For years, I have had to read so many reports, and news stories from multiple sources, and dispatches and so on that curling up in down time with anything but fiction has caused me to think “What am I doing? This is work.” Luckily I am conscious of this and know it might change…

  3. Was that a rice & veggie crepe? Looks delicious. I wonder if I have enough skill to make crepes.
    I hope that you enjoyed your walk!

  4. I appreciated your view of consciousness from a cat’s perspective. Is that a Skief lion? I used to have one that my cousin gave to me when I was in college. I had it for over 40 years before I unconsciously lost in in a move from one home to another. I was “Tammy Tiger” – my college mascot – back in the early 60’s and I have always been conscious of that tiger within me. What animal dwells in you?

    • It’s a tiger, I don’t think it’s made by Steiff, a tiger dwells in me, also, and I always appreciate your comments, Jan!

  5. I really think hair stylists should be renamed ‘hairapists’ – they are often brilliant listeners and with helping us through things while sitting and being pampered in their chairs

    • I’m going to tell Mia what you said, beth, and thanks for another great comment.

      • I recently told my stylist this after she told me one reason she chose this profession was that she likes listening and talking to people who tell her all kind of things and tell her she helps them feel better

  6. Some days I can’t figure out why I’m so tired. Dreams, though, can be a wonderful way to let our sleeping minds work out things our conscious minds can’t.

  7. I have yet to read “The Untethered Soul,” although I do have the book. It continues to be recommended to me and I am conscious that I keep avoiding it…wonder what THAT means!

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