Day 3343: Moments of inner peace

Yesterday, for the mindfulness exercise in both of my Coping and Healing groups, I invited people to access moments of inner peace. Then, last night, I asked this question on Twitter:

Somebody in group last night brought some moments of inner peace by sharing this: FEAR is Forgetting Everything is All Right.

It’s challenging to find moments of inner peace during times of conflict, stress, pandemics, injustice, and war. However, people somehow find those moments of inner peace through nature, meditation, music, animals, friends, family, self care, and love.

Can you find some moments of inner peace in my images for today?

Despite having an appointment to bring Harley to the vet today during a snowstorm, I’m still finding moments of inner peace.

This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “moments of inner peace.”

I also find this:

I look forward to moments of inner peace reading your comments.

I’m grateful for all my moments of inner peace and for YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3343: Moments of inner peace

  1. If we can all radiate a small amount of inner peace, perhaps enough will reach those in Russia who should have stopped Putin from imposing his personal goals on everyone. They will then find the strength to stop his evil ways.

  2. I find more inner peace when I accept that it is a continual process of moving towards and away from it! Like being on a seesaw or wobbleboard…

  3. Even with so much struggle in the world right now I try to find at least some moments of inner peace by taking time for things that make me laugh. Laughter isn’t peaceful–it’s loud and shakes the whole body, but it’s also cathartic, I think. I may just be making excuses.

  4. sometimes I just float –

  5. I had to bring Ellie to the vet through a snowstorm yesterday, Ann! It went very well. We discovered her cut-the-table-scraps, smaller-dog-food-portions diet worked well, to the tune of seven pounds lost. The vet was quite happy with the results.

    • That gives me some moments of inner peace, Mark. Coincidentally, we brought Harley to the vet yesterday through a snowstorm. He has multiple issues, including high blood pressure, thyroid, and kidney problems, but we’re hoping for good results!

  6. Inner peace – a wonderful commodity – yours for the asking – yours for the taking – mine each morning as I ask God to help me “Live with an attitude of gratitude and a response of generosity, forgiveness, joy, and integrity.”

  7. “FEAR: Forgetting Everything is All Right!” What a game changer, Ann. Thank you!

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