Day 3342: What is there to celebrate?

What is there to celebrate on a day like today, when Putin is invading Ukraine and some people in the USA are supporting him?

I celebrate every day that I’m above ground, and I’m celebrating that my cardiologist, Dr. Salem (who I saw yesterday for my yearly echocardiogram and checkup) expects that I’ll be celebrating many more days in the future.

Because I can hold more than one feeling, I am celebrating my good fortune while also feeling sadness, anger, and fear about the invasion of Ukraine and about other terrible situations in our shared, precious world.

Can you see anything to celebrate in my photos for today?

There’s always something to celebrate, even when our hearts are breaking.

This is what I find when I search for “what is there to celebrate?” on YouTube.


I celebrate my connection to you and thank you for being here, now.

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7 thoughts on “Day 3342: What is there to celebrate?

  1. My concern for the citizens of the Ukraine stands out today, Ann. My dismay that some in our nation side with the invading nation and the still blustering loser of the 2020 presidential election is ample.

  2. Has the whole world gone mad, apart from a few bloggers? Here’s to many, many, more days and years for you Ann, and also for the rest of humanity – even the idiots!

  3. I am happy to see you and Dr Salem doing well.

  4. glad your doc is celebrating right along with all of us, to your many more years of life. and blogging. and my heart goes out to the people of Ukraine today.

  5. I celebrate having you as a friend, and Dr. Salem’s good care, and also the fact that I’m an organ donor. That may seem like a strange thing to celebrate but if someday some part of me, or parts, can give others life, or even just a better life, that will be something to celebrate.

  6. So happy that you received a good report on your heart, Ann. I stand beside you in distress, both with what’s going on in Ukraine and in our own backyard. 😢

  7. GREAT!! to see Dr Salem and especially to hear you received a positive assessment!! love, c

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