Day 3332: What we can and can’t control

I can’t control what other people have said about control. However, I can control which quotes I choose to include in this post.


Last night, I asked this question about what we can’t and can control on Twitter:

Many responded that they could not control what other people did, but they could control their reactions to other people.

Is control an issue in the rest of my images for today?

I can’t control what the National Days are, but I can control how I choose to celebrate this day.

Here’s “Cruise Control” by the Dregs.

I can’t control what comments you’re going to leave, but I can control my responses to them.

I can’t control how grateful I am, but I can control how I express that gratitude to you!

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8 thoughts on “Day 3332: What we can and can’t control

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Ann! May you find many great things today.

  2. Great quotes Anne 💕

  3. So much here to read and to ponder. I will come back and read it again later today. Returning to read deeply is something I can control.

  4. Lots of food for thought here.

  5. The cats seem to have everything under control! Happy Valentines Day. 🤗🤗

  6. puella33

    I suppose we can control how we treat others. Happy ❤ day, Ann

  7. happy valentine’s day, and i can control my response to what happens when there are things that i have no control over, may happen. i do have a harder time controlling my urge to eat flamin’ hot cheetos.

  8. We can control what we read and determine if we want uplifting material or negative messaging. I stop by here for the uplifting! Wonderful quotes, Ann!

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