Day 3328: Ideaphoria

In the 1980’s, when I was trying to find a career that was a good match for my abilities and interests, I took a series of aptitude tests at Johnson O’Connor and discovered that I scored very high in ideaphoria. Do you have any idea what ideaphoria means?

Do you see the capacity for creative thought or imagination in the images for today?

The people who create all those the National Days and the Daily Bitch Calendar seem to have ideaphoria.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “ideaphoria”:

I also find this:

Do you have any ideas about this ideaphoria post? If so, feel free to express your ideas in the comments section, below.

I also have gratitudephoria, so many thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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20 thoughts on “Day 3328: Ideaphoria

  1. great ideas, I assumed years ago, that those organizing the internet, would have set aside a space for all the adult stuff, therefore saving children an awful load of troubling content, but they just buzzed on regardless, you can’t drive a car until your a certain age etc…

  2. Cheers to Harley with the tiger and Joan n a nut box, Ann. Sweet photos today.

  3. I like your alarm clock idea very much.

    One photo makes me think let you have a plan to do a little sanding, priming and painting in the nearish future

  4. All my creative thought and imagination is working towards not falling over at the moment. My sinuses are fighting back!

  5. I love that box, and of course, the cat inside!

  6. Joan likes to test out every space. She might score high in spatialideaphoria.

  7. ooh, I think I have that and I love that word! it must be very contagious

  8. I’m always worried about flunking even aptitude tests, which is a persistent idea in my mind that I’ve never been able to overcome in spite of an abundance of other ideas. I definitely like Joan’s idea of finding a whole new use for a box.

    • My idea is that you’ve proven that you’re not going to flunk anything important, Chris, so I wish that you would stop worrying. And, by the way, there were certain aptitude tests I scored low on, and that was a win, because it explained why I wouldn’t do well as a detective and why I need to reward myself for small accomplishments. And scoring very high on three aptitude tests explained why I have messy closets, which was a win, too!

  9. I have never before heard the word ‘ideaphoria,’ Ann, but somehow it’s not surprising to me that you scored high in that area. Your creativity “runneth over!”

  10. I took one of those tests once in high school. The result: I was best suited to be a funeral director. Glad I passed on that projection. I became a teacher and coach instead. Life is better among the living. As Jesus said; “Come follow me, and let the dead bury the dead.”

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