Day 3326: A lot of anxiety

I see a lot of anxiety in the people I encounter, these days, and also in myself.

The last two nights I had a lot of anxiety dreams — about my patients, my son, and a presentation I’m giving about groups next week.

I probably don’t need to be anxious about anything, but it’s difficult to tell our minds to stop being anxious or to stop worrying about the future. Just yesterday, I talked to a patient about the technique of scheduling worry.

Scheduling worry works like this: (1) You set aside a time for worry (e.g., Tuesday at 5:30 PM), (2) Put “worry” in your schedule, (3) when worry comes up, you tell yourself, “Nope! I’ll worry later at [the scheduled time], and (4) when the scheduled time comes, worry as hard as you can.

When there’s a lot of anxiety, it helps to contain it. And I hope it helps to know you’re not alone.

The Daily Bitch has a lot of anxiety today.


Do you see a lot of anxiety in my other images for today?

A lot of people have a lot of anxiety about the Internet.

I don’t have a lot of anxiety about finding something relevant and helpful when I search YouTube for “a lot of anxiety.”

Do you ever have a lot of anxiety? If so, what helps to reduce it, even just a little?

I may have a lot of anxiety sometimes, but I also have a lot of gratitude for those who help me lower my anxiety every day with this blog, including you!

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24 thoughts on “Day 3326: A lot of anxiety

  1. One of my kids went to MIT, so I was able to visit Boston once. But I didn’t catch the joke or comment about highways that go in two directions at once. Don’t all highways go in two directions at once?

    I would love to visit Boston again someday.

    • I didn’t get that either, Maureen! But knowing how ridiculous the roads and the drivers are around here, I’m sure it somehow makes sense. And I hope you visit Boston again, soon.

      • Debbie T

        I think the article was referring to a piece of highway that is simultaneously labeled north and south in the same direction of travel. For example, the section of road where you’re happily driving along on I-95 south and all of a sudden after a merge, there’s a sign that you’re also on I-93 north at that moment. (And if I remember correctly, the vehicle is actually pointed east in that stretch.) And vice versa traveling the other way.

      • Right! Thanks, Debbie.

    • Thanks, Debbie T!

  2. Knitting and cooking suck out some anxiety.

  3. That should read “some” anxiety if you want to edit for me. There’s seems to be an underlying current of anxiety. I see the Appalachian woman is knitting but it doesn’t look as if it’s helped her.

  4. I think the whole world is anxious, for some good reasons, and some not so good reasons. Last night I dreamed I was pregnant. I’ve never been, and I’m 65 so I was glad to wake up to reality!

  5. puella33

    I do something similar to scheduling worrying… when I take a shower or brush my teeth for some reason, my mind goes from one thought to another to another. I decided to think about pleasant things while i’m in the shower. It’s very hard to do. I thought my mind and body deserve at least 15 minutes of freedom and worry .It doesn’t always work, but I try. Have a nice day, Ann

  6. I have been avoiding setting a daily schedule for myself for getting up and going to bed. But I’m not anxious about it. I like that idea of scheduling worries. Especially because it could be…once a week or once a month…

  7. I might worry about being too busy to go ahead with the scheduled worry time, and then I’d worry that I’d missed worrying. I might give up worrying for lent!

  8. It’s taking a lot of effort towards being patient with myself these days to work through anxiety. Some days I can tame it decently, and other days, not so much!!

  9. I don’t carry too much anxiety, but if I do feel anxious, I usually try to do something that recenters me, like heading to the quiet woods or writing

  10. Our entrance to our Cape Cod getaways start with a Rotary at the foot of the bridge, Ann. (Or Roundabout, Circle, whatever you want to call it depending upon where you grew up or now live.) And yes it gives me a short jolt of anxiety until I exit on the proper road every time.

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