Day 3324: Lame

Yesterday on Twitter, somebody made a lame remark implying that this tweet of mine was lame:

The lame comment was something like “Songs to drown out his owners boring questions.” While I felt momentarily lamed by such a response, I refocused my attention to the hundreds of great responses, like these:

It’s lame how one negative response can drown out hundreds of positive ones, but the human mind can be lame like that. That’s why it’s not lame and also very helpful to consciously focus on the positive.

How lame are my other images for today?

Some people on Twitter think it’s lame that I post the National Days every day. The vast majority, though, seem to like that. So Happy Lame Duck Day!

I did a virtual Open Mic on Friday, but I was so lame, I forgot to push the record button on Zoom before my performance. I hope it’s not lame that I recorded myself doing the “Wedding Song” from Hadestown yesterday and posted it on YouTube.

You might be afraid of making a lame remark in the comments section below, but that’s impossible.

Thanks to all those who help other people realize that they are not lame, including YOU.

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20 thoughts on “Day 3324: Lame

  1. Your YouTube rendition of the Wedding Song was a pretty wonderful way to start the day. Thank you!

    A game that I am good at is “Just One”–

    “Love to Eat Them Mousies” was a very fun answer to your fun question about cats playing ukuleles. I’d forgotten all about that song and I bet I sent it all day today!

  2. Might I suggest Hair on a G string for Joan’s ukulele debut?

  3. Some very funny responses. Like Maureen, I was delighted to remember Love to eat them mousies. I thought of Somebody’s Moggy, but it would have to be a cool blues cat to sing that as it’s grim for the moggy. Ah well. Hope that wasn’t lame!

  4. You got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the… You probably know how hoe it goes. 🙂

  5. puella33

    There are always going to be individuals who will make negative comments, sadly it’s a reality. Personally, if I have nothing good to say, I’m silent … but some people like to be hurtful. I would just ignore them making believe their remark is inconsequential. It’s hard to do- I know.

  6. You gotta train your brain to ignore the negative- it’s a survival mechanism to keep us safe from predators- time to practice some positive neuroplasticity!

  7. Just remember: you can’t spell “flame” without “lame”, which came to me listening to your version of “The Wedding Song” because it’s lit.

  8. the Hawaiian version, izzy style, of ‘somewhere over the food-bowl”…..

    loved your wedding song.

  9. Some people aren’t happy unless they’re spreading their miserable attitude as far as possible, Ann. So they search and comment and show why the rest of us call them trolls. Thank you for being the opposite on the scale of life!

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