Day 3323: I’m big enough to have options

In my EMDR therapy, we have identified a very powerful “positive cognition.”

I’m big enough to have options.

This helps me because when I’m lost, anxious, frightened, or helpless, I feel small — probably because (1) I was traumatized by hospital stays and major surgeries when I was a kid and (2) I’m only 5’3” tall.

Also, it always helps to know I have options.

Here and now, I’m big enough to have options about what I share in today’s blog.

I’m big enough to have options to shower with a friend, have ice cream or Nutella whenever I want, play outside or inside, pay attention to or ignore weatherpeople, and avoid bacon because (1) my parents kept Kosher and (2) I associate the smell of bacon with my childhood stays in the hospital.

Let’s see what options I find when I search YouTube for “I’m big enough to have options.”

I’m big enough to have options about how to express gratitude to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3323: I’m big enough to have options

  1. That is interesting! I have never connected options to age or size. I wonder if you are saying that almost all of us have options and we should be aware of them and try not to feel trapped into thinking we don’t have any?

    It is only 5:30 in the morning here so I am fuzzy-brained but one option I am thinking of exercising is to get out of bed and have a quiet breakfast before my kids and grandkids wake up. I remember that one of the options you chose that I found most amazing was to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

    Thanks for this post

  2. May all your options add up to a great Saturday, Ann!

  3. All I need do to shower with a friend is walk outside today, but we’d probably get blown away too!

  4. puella33

    What does EMDR stand for? Having options is freedom. Have a nice week-end, Ann

    • It stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming and if you click on that text in the blog it’s a link that explains that and more.

  5. I took a shower this morning and I think most of my friends did too, which gives me comfort. A shower always is a good start to the day, which may be why sometimes I put it off until I’m fully awake and can enjoy it.

  6. I like to keep my options open and then things just flow in –

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