Day 3322: Celebrity Encounters

Last night I asked this question on Twitter:

Somebody described a nice encounter with David Letterman, who had a segment on his Late Night show about celebrity encounters called “Brush with Greatness.”

My celebrity encounters include talking to Jackie Chan in L.A., interviewing Gary Burton in a promotional video for Berklee College of Music, meeting Pete Buttigieg in Boston, being on stage in Spamalot on Broadway (with Clay Aiken and other cast members singing to me), and getting winked at by Art Buchwald at the Washington D.C. airport in the early 70’s.

Do you see any celebrity encounters in the images I’m sharing today?

I love my daily celebrity encounters with the Daily Bitch calendar.

Here’s the Spamalot celebrity cast I saw on Broadway in 2008:

Thanks to all the celebrities who are encountering this blog, here and now, including YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 3322: Celebrity Encounters

  1. I crawled under The Queen’s bed, but she wasn’t in it at the time!

    • Ha! My grandfather was touring Buckingham Palace and told a couple of the guards, “Don’t mind me, I’m just here to see the Queen.” My grandmother said they kept a close eye on him after that. I like to think they wanted to know what he’d say next.

  2. For me, the celebrity in all of those photos is you, Ann — except of course where it is Joan.

  3. puella33

    Your smile takes over the celebrity, Ann.

  4. I’ve never forgotten that you once met Tony Slattery in Edinburgh. Some people may not consider him a celebrity but I’ve been a fan since I saw my first episode of Whose Line many years ago. I also once saw Hoyt Axton in a restaurant. I said to my friend David, “It’s that guy from Gremlins!” David said, “It’s not like he’s anybody famous.”
    I went over and asked for Mr. Axton’s autograph and he said, “Aw, come on, son, it’s not like I’m anybody famous.”

  5. bozo, meatloaf, and ray liotta. an interesting trifecta when put together.

  6. Maybe because of your smiles, but you and Pete Buttigieg look related.

  7. I was reminded just this past year of when I worked in the newsroom and photographer handed in a photo of Bob Dole’s visit to a Syracuse-area organization that catered to adults with abilities, I looked at it and proudly proclaimed “That’s my cousin Stanley.” The news desk laughed because everybody else was concentrating on the important politician.

  8. Living in Los Angeles I see celebrities frequently in the course of their daily lives. But I’ve never approached anyone. I’m famous for not recognizing people when they’re dressed down and without makeup, and then realizing later that I shared an elevator or sat next to someone in a restaurant. I’m not the most observant! I did meet Jimmy Carter at a book signing. That was cool! 🙂 You’ve had some really nice encounters and you have photos to prove it!

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