Day 3316: Shortages

In the supermarket near Boston where we shop, I’ve been noticing growing shortages of canned cat food. Not shortages of dry cat food or dog food, but empty shelves for Fancy Feast and non-fancy wet food, too.

I’ve been ordering our cat food through and there are some shortages there too, resulting in our Purina Pro Plan order for Joan being cancelled. I ordered other canned cat food yesterday, and that’s on the way.

Shortages are puzzling to me and I certainly wouldn’t want to contribute to panic buying in any way, but I was curious about other people’s experiences, so I posted this on Twitter yesterday:

Some people responded YES, others NO, and some shared they had heard the shortage was caused by a shortage of aluminum cans.

Because there is a raging snowstorm as I’m writing this, I’m assuming there are other shortages — of milk, bread, eggs, shovels, flashlights, etc. — in the markets here now.

In the article that I just linked to above (, I discovered the interesting trivia that shortages of milk, bread, and eggs before snowstorms are specific to Massachusetts! Because I’ve had a shortage of pre-snowstorm shopping experiences anywhere else, I assumed there were panic runs on those items elsewhere, too.

When you visit this blog, I promise there will be no shortages of things to see, so here are more images for today.

Well, I did say shortages were puzzling to me, so Happy National Puzzle Day!

Here’s a short video of what’s causing the shortages of bread, milk, and eggs locally:

As you can see, there are no shortages of wind, snow, and waves outside my window.

There is no shortage of videos about shortages on YouTube, so I’m choosing to share this video instead:

No shortages of gratitude at the Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally blog, so abundant thanks to all who visit here, including YOU!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3316: Shortages

  1. May you, Michael, Joan and Harley have all you need to outlast this blizzard, Ann. Be safe and sound in your beautiful seaside home.

  2. We have various shortages appearing across a wide range of products, blamed on all sorts of factors, including Brexit, lack of drivers of goods vehicles, shortage of palm/olive oil, increase in labour costs, and many more!

  3. puella33

    I’ve noticed shortages long before the snowstorm. From Kelloggs cereal to Poland Springs water. I don’t understand why the cargo can’t be delivered to the stores. We can’t always blame it on Covid

  4. There’s a long running joke in Nashville that when weather forecasts for snow turn out to be mistaken it was because the stores were overstocked on bread, eggs, and milk. There’s always a run on those things before we get snow. So there’s a bit of trivia: it’s not just a Massachusetts phenomenon.

  5. yes, we are absolutely experiencing cat food shortages, I go a few times a week to stock up whenever I see it. as for the snow, stay safe and and their is clearly no shortage of warmth in your home.

  6. I haven’t experienced any shortages in dog food yet, but I am sorry to hear that Joan’s preferred diet is disrupted. I hope Chewy comes through! I haven’t personally felt too inconvenienced, but I do see many very empty shelves in most of the stores these days. It’s a puzzle!

  7. Yes, I have been experiencing shortages of canned cat food where I live, including from Amazon deliveries. I thought it was because if the washed out highways in November but it is persisting.

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