Day 3308: Who needs a hug?

Who needs a hug on National Hugging Day?

I’m assuming we all do, because there’s been such a vast reduction in hugging for TWO YEARS.

People need hugs to feel comforted and connected with others. Yesterday, in my therapy groups, I asked people to give themselves hugs during the mindfulness exercise. (If they didn’t feel comfortable hugging themselves, I suggested they give themselves mental hugs).

Several people spoke about how much they yearned to be in the same room together again. I hugged myself as I admitted that we had no idea of when that might be.

Do you see anyone who needs a hug in my images for today?

I’ll tell you one thing: I’m not hugging any squirrels today.

This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “who needs a hug.”

Now I REALLY need a hug.

I hope my gratitude, here and now, feels like a hug to you.

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23 thoughts on “Day 3308: Who needs a hug?

  1. Who doesn’t?

  2. Oh, I remember hugs, Ann! Last Sunday I saw some old friends at the concert we held at the library where we work, and I felt very odd shaking hands with them as they both offered full palms and I went in. Two years almost now of the fist bump …

  3. I’m from a British family who never hugged, so I am not a hugger – I send you air hugs Ann, and thoughts of you having a wonderful day!!

  4. I don’t know if Joan needs a hug but I’d be glad to give her whatever she does need.

  5. Wonderful. I just had to watch the hugs all the way through. Maybe again, some day!

  6. Love that hug video. I miss hugging friends when I see them on the street!

  7. Joan wants a hug from you! Great image and pose!

  8. We all need a hug. Sending one to you that warms and soothes whatever needs to be soothed. Joan is very special. Sending one to her. Acknowledging her independence, curiosity, and figuring her way in such a different world. She is loved. As are you 💕

  9. I do think hugs have been in very short supply and we must all be needing one! Hugs can be so comforting. My granddaughters are now in their teens and go out of their way to be very independent, but I still occasionally ask them if it wouldn’t be too intrusive for me to give them a hug! LOL! They always oblige. ❤

  10. a hug can do nothing but good

  11. puella33

    The human touch is an integral part of communicating

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