Day 3307: Note to self

Note to self: Write about yesterday’s therapy group, when people sent letters to themselves starting with “Dear (your name here)” and ending with “Love, (your name here).”

Note to self: It can be very healing for people to send themselves important messages with love.

Here’s my note (or letter) to myself for today:

Dear Ann,

Remember to balance other people’s needs with your needs. And stop mindlessly snacking on popcorn and sunflower seeds to distract yourself.



Note to self: Share the images for today.

Note to self: In my groups today, do that mindfulness exercise where people hug themselves, in honor of National Hugging Day.

(Note to self: Make sure you have the date right before you publish your blog post. )

Note to self: look for a YouTube video of 97-year-old pianist Ruth Slenczynska.

Note to self: express gratitude to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3307: Note to self

  1. The ultimate note to self: Dear Self, Love self!

  2. You must not use that sink much. Would Joan get in there if it were wet? It just looks like a cozy spot and she must be able to warm it up quickly.

  3. puella33

    Congratulations and compliments to Ruth Slenczynska.

  4. What a wonderfully uplifting blog! I love the dog one — I’ll have to share that one around!

  5. note to self: never stop sending notes to self.

  6. When I first went to summer camp, right after we arrived, the counselors had us sit down and write a letter to ourselves about what we hoped camp would be like. It was a great exercise. I think we all owe ourselves an occasional letter.

  7. Note to self: Borrow the Pema Chodron book from the library!

  8. Mark, Hope with all your might to appreciate in real life a child and dog smiling side-by-side like Ann got to capture with her phone camera! Mark

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