Day 3304: Any questions?

Any questions about my images for today?

Any questions about what is the most important way to celebrate today?

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments section, below.

Any questions about how grateful I am that you visit this blog?

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15 thoughts on “Day 3304: Any questions?

  1. Was the Mr. Clean bottle a real one or a joke?

  2. How did you manage to magnetise Harley to use as a compass?

  3. Hi Ann, I have questions, lots of questions. First of all, have you ever considered double sinks in your bathroom, one for your cat to lie in, and one for you to use? And I love that thing in the floor of your foyer, it does look like a compass, is it accurate? And I always thought the answer to life was 24, is it 2? My husband says I always ask way too many questions, especially while we are watching TV. So, I shut-up and then he asks me if I am mad, because I am not talking. I can’t win.

    • We win whenever you comment, SD. We can easily work around the cat in the sink (and she doesn’t stay there for long, I just like taking photos of here there because she looks soooo cute). There are some very cool inlays in the floors here and many people in this neighborhood seem to use that motif of the compass. I should ask questions to find out why.

  4. Several years ago Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me came to Nashville and my wife and I were in the audience. Vince Gill was the “Not My Job” guest. Peter asked him questions about Vincent Price and I knew all the answers, including that Bloodbath At The House Of Death was a real Vincent Price movie.
    My wife has known me long enough that she didn’t have to ask how I knew so much about Vincent Price.

  5. my question is: why do questions often lead us to more questions when answered?

  6. I am trying to take a break from asking so many questions, Ann. For the last few years I have had entirely too many, most of which never have an answer, and I’m tired! LOL!

  7. How did Harley decide to take a rest right there, Ann? Great photo.

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