Day 3302: A moment’s peace

During these times, it’s even more challenging to get a moment’s peace. That’s why I took a moment to ask this question on Twitter last night:

I’m working on getting a moment’s peace, here and now, while it’s very cold and windy outside.

Personally, I find it more difficult to get a moment’s peace when I’m scared and those temperatures feel scary!

Can you find a moment’s peace in any of my other images for today?


If I have to go out today, wearing a hat might give me a moment’s peace.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “a moment’s peace.”

How do you get a moment’s peace?

I’m grateful for everything and everybody that helps me get a moment’s peace, including YOU.

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19 thoughts on “Day 3302: A moment’s peace

  1. Wishing you the very best as you get through this cold spell. And keep telling Kevin McCarthy to shut up. He’s an idiot.

  2. waking up to a new day

  3. My iPad tells me the real temperature is minus 6 right now, Ann. That is a scary number to me for sure. We will try to find peace by staying indoors today, yes, but I do have to open the back or side door to let poor Ellie B out to do her thing … and in rushes the cold and wind. She is smart enough to bark for her return to comfort very quickly.

  4. A moment’s peace? – switch off my hearing aids!
    Joan seems to like the alternative method of sleep in the sink. She must have developed a stiff neck facing the other way!

  5. Hi Ann, so nice to see you!! I hope you have found that moment of peace. I am sitting on the patio, watching the hummingbirds make their little Jetson’s car sounds. I don’t know how you Northerners tolerate the weather you do. But you probably say that about us Californians in the depths of the Dog Days of Summer with temperatures over a 100 for 3 months. I suppose we all do our suffering – just at different times of the year. Good talking to you! I have missed you!

  6. puella33

    I always wondered how Joan found her hiding place to cuddle. She’s so cute.

  7. I tend to get nervous if things get too quiet so one of the benefits of pets is they keep life interesting, although in Harley’s case I’d wish she’d find other ways to make life interesting.

  8. I find a moment’s peace when I step out into nature for a nice walk and step away from the news. The GOP makes me want to scream….

  9. I love Derrick’s response from Simple Stories! I find peace up in my sanctuary… top of the circular stairs in the entry. Everyone should be blessed with such a space!

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