Day 3301: Intuition

My intuition tells me to start this blog post with a definition of “intuition.”

My intuition told me to ask this question on Twitter last night:


My intuition tells me that we could all use a laugh these days.


My intuition tells me to blog every day and share images like these with you:


It looks like the Daily Bitch’s intuition has not served her well.

24 years ago, my intuition told me to get tested for endocarditis (a very dangerous heart inflammation) when I was eight months pregnant and running a fever. I had never had endocarditis but, for some reason, I felt like I might have it. The doctor told me I had the flu and that was why I had the fever but “since you’re here and because of your heart, I’ll test you.” A few days later, I got a phone call, “come into the hospital immediately, you have endocarditis.” They put me on IV antibiotics for six weeks and told me, “This might make the baby deaf.” It didn’t.

After my son was born, I said to my cardiologist, “Why do you think I asked to be tested for endocarditis? There was really no logical reason for me to do that.” He said, “I think somebody up there is looking out for you.” My intuition told me that it was my late father, who had died the year before.

This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “intuition.”

My intuition tells me I will get some great comments on this post.

Thanks to all who have good intuition, including YOU.

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11 thoughts on “Day 3301: Intuition

  1. My intuition tells me that everybody in my part of the world will be facing extreme temperatures this weekend, Ann. (The weather people second the feeling.) It’s dropped 4 degrees from 34 since I got out of bed. By midnight the real temperatures will be far below zero. Wind chills in the double-digit negatives. All I can say is YIKES!

  2. My intuition has declared a holiday today!

  3. I used to ask for more intuitive computer programs, then I realized “intuitive” means different things to different people, so I’m more patient with programmers who often get different, even contradictory, ideas of what’s intuitive and what isn’t. And I like how autocorrect has its own weird intuition, if you can call it that.

  4. What an amazing story about your own intuition about your heart, Ann. That must have been such an intense and stressful time for you while you waited for Aaron to be born. What a great outcome to a story that could have turned otherwise. You dad was your guardian angel, I’m sure.

    • My intuition has always told me that you are an intuitive and caring person, Debra, which you display with every comment. 💕

  5. You know your heart so well,it sent you a warning message. That’s intuition

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