Day 3299: Enough

I hear many people saying, in my therapy groups and elsewhere, “Enough is enough!”

I can’t get enough clarification, so here’s a definition of “enough.”

As I look at that definition of “enough,” it occurs to me that aren’t enough people who are old enough to vote who are actually voting in U.S. elections.

Here and now, as I’m staring at the word “enough,” it’s starting to look really weird to me, but enough about that.

Yesterday, when I had enough, I asked this question on Twitter …

… which led to this exchange:


Am I including enough images in today’s post? Note that it wasn’t warm enough for me to venture outside, so these are all indoor shots.


It looks like the Daily Bitch has had enough.

Enough of you may have guessed what song I’m going to share today.


I can’t get enough of your comments, so please consider leaving one today.

Enough thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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16 thoughts on “Day 3299: Enough

  1. Enough? – Eugh No!

  2. puella33

    I love your fireplace. It’s the heart of the home. I’ve had enough , like everyone else, of the monotonous news. It has become less informative. I have to turn on an international channel to get more informed. Did you know that in Florida the first heart transplant took place- a human heart was replaced by a pig’s heart??? Have a nice day, Ann and everyone.

  3. Debbie T

    Alien cats with glowing eyes!

  4. we are each and every one of us, enough.

  5. In Italian-language operas, there always seems to be a point where one of the characters sings “Basta!” and the drama or comedy takes on new intensity!

    I don’t know why, but that one word always makes me laugh, inappropriately of course, maybe because opera plots often have a bit of silliness built in and the word is hyperbolic.

    Basta! (Enough!) Kind of like Popeye the Sailor man and his “That’s all I cans take, I can takes no more!” Toot! Toot! Perhaps that association makes the reaction to “Basta!” so laughable to me. I can see the opera pausing for the “Popeye the Sailor man” theme to play while the upset character consumes a can of spinach and takes on the villain! LOL!

  6. Thank you, Ann, for giving us so much!

  7. I have too much stuff period! So I can say I have MORE than enough. 🙂

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