Day 3298: Hyper-vigilance

Hyper-vigilance is well know to me, both as a therapist and as a person diagnosed with PTSD (because of my hospital experiences when I was a child and living with a very rare heart condition for 68 years).

Because of the pandemic, global warming, racism, economic disparities, and many other complex and constant abuses to our psyches and our bodies, there are very few of us who are not hyper-vigilant these days.

Here is a definition of hyper-vigilance from

Yesterday, when I was at a hospital waiting for a bone scan, I tweeted this as I was trying to take deep breaths and slow down some racing thoughts:

Some people on Twitter responded with gratitude for the thought, others pointed out how hyper-vigilance is not a choice. I work on hyper-vigilance every day, and I understand.

Do you see hyper-vigilance in my other images for today?

I think our phones add to our hyper-vigilance, do you?

I want to be vigilant (and not hyper) in wishing a happy birthday to my first husband (and father of our son, Aaron), who reads this blog. Happy birthday, Leon Dave, and many more!

Because of my vigilance in sharing music I love in this blog, here’s one of my favorite Thomas Dolby tunes:

Thanks to all who are vigilant enough to get to the bottom of this “Hyper-vigilance” blog post, including YOU!

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20 thoughts on “Day 3298: Hyper-vigilance

  1. I think that Michael needs to be hyper vigilant concerning the intentions of Joan judging by that look in her eyes!

  2. Sometimes I’m hyper vigilant, but it’s when there’s a reason. Most of the time, I have situational awareness, which is different, but still a level up from people who never worry about much.

  3. puella33

    Warm wishes to Leon Dave 🙂 Ann, is that long line in your first picture to get tested for Covid?

  4. I am hypervigilant! That sounds so much better than the way my feelings actually feel (and less annoying to others). I wonder if we can even massage this term a bit to “super vigilant” or “Vigilance star!” One day maybe I will reach vigilance emeritus status, or the grammatically correct version of that.

    You had some really interesting photos today. Hope your medical appointments went well.

  5. I am definitely caught in the struggle with hyper-vigilance, but I thank you for the term! I don’t think I understood it from that angle, but it’s spot on. We have had two solid years of health crises made more complex with Covid restrictions and fall-out. It’s been exhausting, and I find myself waiting for “the other shoe to drop.” Thanks for such sound advice and direction and as so often happens, it’s just nice to be reminded that in what we are going through, we are not alone. Thank you, friend.

  6. Maybe Joan is hypervigilant because of Harley’s Buddhist relatives in Signapore!

  7. i do have startle response when surprised, which may be a form of this, but in most areas of life, i tend to me more on the laid back side. i love the look on joan’s face in response to mark your second, and wish leon your first, a wonderful birthday.

  8. Joan may become more vigilant and hyper around Michael, if your picture is any indication, Ann!

  9. Leon Fairbanks

    Thank you Beth!

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