Day 3293: January 6

Certain dates are shorthand for terrible anniversaries.

November 22.


January 6.

How should one observe the first anniversary of January 6? Last night, I asked this question on Twitter …

… knowing that some responses would relate to January 6.


Many of the responses did not relate to January 6, including these:


Here are my other images for January 6:

Maybe I’ll also observe National Cuddle Up Day on this January 6.

We sure could use it.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “January 6.”

Also this:


What are your thoughts and feelings about January 6?

Thanks to all who are visiting this January 6 post, including YOU.

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8 thoughts on “Day 3293: January 6

  1. jan 6 is a day/event that will be etched upon my memory forever. it was horrible and traumatizing watching it all unfold live, in real time. a bit of innocence lost. soul-wrenching.

    the answer I’m waiting for will be in response to ‘when will my battle with venmo be resolved?’

  2. Yes, there are dates we never forget. Today has been a very solemn day. It is still painful.

  3. I watched in horror as the attack on the Capitol unfolded that day, and my vision and stance for democracy has not wavered since, Ann.

  4. It certainly hurts the right wing parties in the country, more than ever, and now they have to deal with this issue.

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