Day 3292: Pressure

No pressure to figure out why this post is titled “pressure.”

I’ve got two songs about pressure running through my head.

I’m not under pressure to show up in person at the hospital where I work these days, so I’ll probably work only from home for the immediate future.

I don’t want to pressure you to choose your favorite image here, but I am curious.

Any pressure from that Daily Bitch calendar?

No pressure to leave a comment, below.

Thanks to all who are dealing with the inevitable pressure of daily life with grace and resilience, including YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 3292: Pressure

  1. You can’t throw away a boomerang! Try it – no pressure!

  2. I love Under Pressure! I can’t trow away tennis shoes until the soles are slick (or peel off). They work well in the garden….

  3. Debbie T

    Good job on those chocolates!

  4. puella33

    When Joan watches television, I wonder what she sees and interprets. Have a nice day, Ann

  5. I love the mystery of the magically disappearing chocolates and I feel no pressure to solve the mystery as to who is eating them. I know it will be at least one person with a smile on their face.

  6. I’m under no pressure to tell you that Joan and Harley look like Laurel and Hardy.

  7. I am delighted that you are under no pressure to work in person and can instead enjoy pressure-free time with your family. Stay safe and be well, Ann!

  8. We’re still open at the library, Ann, and people are wearing there masks and appreciating that they can maintain safe social distance and still use our services.

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