Day 3291: Predicting the future

Predicting the future is difficult for us humans to resist.

In my therapy groups, we talk about recognizing and letting go of the common cognitive distortion of fortune-telling. When we catch ourselves predicting the future (which happens every group), we remind ourselves that we are NOT psychic.

And yet, every person I know predicts the future in one way or another. It’s as if uncertainty is more uncomfortable than deciding what’s going to happen like we know for certain. Which we don’t.

Since the beginning of this New Year, my husband Michael and I have been trying not to predict the future. Ha! My prediction is that we will keep predicting, no matter how we consciously try not to.

Last night, we watched a movie that seemed very good, I thought, at predicting the future — Don’t Look Up.

After we watched it, I, of course, tried predicting the future, by saying this to Michael:

I think that movie might help people realize what’s going on and make things better for the future.

Would anybody like to predict what Michael said or did in response to that?

He rolled his eyes.

Because certain things always happen in this blog, it’s safe predicting the future if you predict the appearance of my latest images.

I’m predicting a future where somebody on Twitter will bitch about my posting the National Days there, which I do every day.

Sometimes our experience of the past leads to better predictions, but not always! For example, I’m holding out hope that the U.S. midterms elections won’t follow the patterns of the past. If they do, I’ll be trying hard not to predict a very bleak future ahead.

I’m predicting that some of you will leave comments below.

Did anybody predict what song I’m going to include today?

Whether or not you predicted it, there’s gratitude in your immediate future.

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15 thoughts on “Day 3291: Predicting the future

  1. I predict that the sink will become Joan’s permanent “Best place to sleep” spot!

  2. That cat hedge is extraordinary! Somebody is a genius with the clippers.

    And I pondered the photo of the vent pipe for quite a long time.

  3. I predicted that there’d be interesting, enjoyable, and thoughtful pictures here today, and I was right! Sometimes predicting the future does work.

  4. i predict that you will continue to post and i will continue to read your wonderful posts. i cannot tell you how much i love the holiday cat topiaries and i also enjoy obscure holidays so love your daily mentions of them.

  5. I predict that your work as a group therapist will be as groundbreaking as ever!

  6. I predict that I will continue to predict even knowing that I’ll always have a 50-50 chance of being right or being wrong, Ann!

  7. I’m watching “42nd Street” on TCM. My cat, Andrew James Thomas – AKA Andy and/or Fluffy Butt – is, well, sleeping! That’s where I am in the present. The future? Anyone’s guess.

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