Day 3290: The story of us

The story of today’s blog post starts with this photo that I snapped yesterday at the supermarket:

I took that when my husband Michael and I (who recently had our second wedding anniversary) were doing our weekly food shopping. The story of us at that supermarket was our wearing N95 masks because of the Omnicron variant while many people (including those who worked at the supermarket) were not wearing any masks at all .

The story of us human beings has to include our working together to survive pandemics and global warming without destroying the stories of too many other species.

The story of us is a very anxiety-provoking story these days.

Do you see the story of us in my other images for today?

The story of us often includes our trying to read each other’s minds (a common human cognitive distortion, described here), but I cannot even try to read the minds of people who don’t wear masks in supermarkets.

Here’s “The Story of Us” by Taylor Swift.

The story of me today includes my going in to the hospital to listen to other people’s stories in therapy sessions. I’ll be doing my best to stay safe so I can continue the story of us in this daily blog.

The story of us always includes my gratitude for all who follow my story here, including YOU.

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27 thoughts on “Day 3290: The story of us

  1. Now, do I answer the question about meetings, or decisions, or both?

  2. I really would hesitate to continue shopping in that store where the workers were not wearing masks, Ann. Not safe for the rest of us!

  3. Why is there colored paper on the ground? I’ve never seen that!

    Great action shots have Harley and Joan.

    • It’s confetti, I assume, for some sort of neighborhood party/celebration. That’s my best guess about that story. And Harley and Joan are working on the developing story of them.

  4. the story of us is that people and animals make this world an even more beautiful place, as seen in your pictures as confetti, berries, kitties, and an open mind

  5. Debbie T

    Someone had a lot of fun with confetti, and forgot to clean up.

  6. Congrats on the second wedding anniversary! I know it’s been a while but really hope you’re doing well.

  7. puella33

    You should report it to the board of health.I thought imasks were mandatory for those working in stores.

  8. Happy 2nd anniversary, Ann and Michael! I’m somewhat shocked at the 2-year mark. Despite the many challenges, time still seems to move quickly. I’m so happy for the two of you!

    And as far as the story of us, it really is a mixed bag. California has mandatory indoor masking for all businesses and that is helpful. However, as careful as we have been, and we surely have followed everything as closely as we can, my son-in-law and one granddaughter tested positive on the 27th. My husband and I have been isolating in our “back house” to stay away from them. I think we get sprung tomorrow! LOL! But this is a family who has been following “the rules” as best as possible. It took me a very long time to get to the place where I could stop trying to understand how other people don’t even want to wear a mask, but you’re right, it’s all about the story of us, and “us” is a big group! 🙂

  9. I used to know someone whose computer would, when first turned on, say, in the voice of Curly Howard, “I keep tryin’ to think but nothin’ happens!”
    Some days I think that describes me perfectly, but for today happy anniversary to you and Michael!

  10. I like the low angle images of the road and of the cracked fence.

  11. Meetings have to be managed based on the goal. Someone has to manage them. It looks as though someone had a lot of new year’s confetti and that nicely counterbalances the sad abandoned Christmas tree.

  12. Gosh. Is it really two years? Congratulations to you both

  13. This post really warranted a long, thoughtful response but I haven’t been able to get brain cells together due to weather-related frozen & burst pipe fallout. I came back to reread this post again, though. Thank you.

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