Day 3289: How new is it really?

It’s a new year and how new is it really? Is there anything really new under the sun or, for that matter, under the moon?

How new is it, really, when I ask a question like this one?

How new is it really that I would share a great answer to a question I ask?

How new is it really that I go for walks and take these kinds of photos?

How new is it really that Joan would do this when the late Oscar did this too?
How new is it really that Michael would make a delicious tuna noodle casserole for me?
How new is it really — that Yogi Tea saying?

How new is it really that I would ask a last question for the day on Twitter or share today’s National Days? How new is it really that I’m thinking of buying cream puffs when we go food shopping later?

This new-to-me (but perhaps not new to you) video comes up when I search YouTube for “how new is it really?” …

..: and so does this one.

Here is the “Everything Old is New Again” scene from All That Jazz:

And, finally, how new is it really for my blog posts to end with gratitude to friends new and old, including YOU?

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9 thoughts on “Day 3289: How new is it really?

  1. Happy New Year, Ann, Joan and Michael. I wonder if Joan would like tuna noodle casserole. I hope Joan gets to have a whole year without an allergy or head cone.

  2. I spent so many decades of my life dedicated to the concept of news, Ann, that even as I edge toward old I still believe in new.

  3. Same old, same old. Making a point to learn new things to quell the exasperation of Groundhog Day existence.

  4. I find every day is new, and exciting, and so worth the effort of helping others enjoy the newness!

  5. like mark above, i still believe in new. most every day, i take a walk, read, listen, or learn, and i never fail to discover something new

  6. puella33

    It’s a new day, so everything is new even if I’m listening to old songs.. Happy New Year everyone

  7. Happy new year

  8. Things may be different, but not new. It’s all semantics, but a change in perspective would not hurt, would it?

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