Day 3274: Should you worry?

Should you worry that I took this photo at Quarry Hills Animal Hospital yesterday?

Should you worry that this blogger believes that worry never helps anybody? As I’ve discussed in this blog many times, worry wastes energy, takes us out of the moment, and distracts us from the awareness we need in order to react effectively to obstacles and problems.

Should you worry about these quotes about worry?

I have to admit that I’ve been worrying about our cat Joan’s recurring ear infections (which she’s had since we adopted her in August). Because I often assume the worst, I worried that her ear infections had come back for a fourth time, indicating that she had a food allergy.

Should I have worried about that? In case you haven’t noticed, the answer to that question is always NO. Worry never helps.

Also, the vet told us yesterday that both her ears look great. So I’m no longer worrying about doing a food trial with her, which sounded like it would be quite the trial for all of us.

Should you worry about any of these other images?

Should you worry about the Daily Bitch?

Should you worry about this video?

Should you worry about where to comment, please comment below.

Should you worry about whether I’ll express gratitude for all those who help me create my daily blog posts?

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8 thoughts on “Day 3274: Should you worry?

  1. worry seems to be a state of mind that we choose to accept. sometimes it is easier than others to say ‘not today’ when worry comes calling. it’s an ongoing process and we often need reminders not to open the door to it, simply sit on the couch and continue to sing instead.

  2. Thank you for alerting me that this in National Twin Day, Ann. We’re having lunch with Elisabeth and George … and George is a twin. I wonder if he knows it’s his day?!

  3. A wise Mum says to her children. “Don’t worry about anything. I shall do all your worrying for you. If you start to feel a worry coming on, tell me, and I shall take it from you.” That’s what Mums do!

  4. This post should be required reading! Love it.

  5. I worry less than I used to, but it takes deliberate thought to stop it once it starts. It’s a bit like a bad habit…

  6. puella33

    Worrying is very exhausting

  7. In a funny coincidence earlier today another friend sent me a text that said, “I worry people have forgotten Erma Bombeck. She was my age when she died.” I replied that we weren’t the only two who remembered how funny she was, and still is, and as long as we remember others will too. There’s a wonderful Christmas letter between her and Martha Stewart that I know still gets passed around. I don’t think Bombeck wrote it but she could have, and it’s a great tribute to her.

  8. Joan looks totally worryless and reaching Nirvana.

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