Day 3273: What feels left unfinished?

At the end of every group I facilitate, I ask people what feels left unfinished, so they can get a good enough sense of closure for the group session.

I finished my day yesterday by asking this question on Twitter:

Everything can feel left unfinished, because we are all in the middle of our journeys through life. I think the best we can do is to celebrate whatever closures we can attain.

My blog posts feel left unfinished to me until I share my other images for the day.

It looks like the Daily Bitch is finished with people.

One thing that feels left unfinished to me is an explanation about our cat Joan’s recurring ear infections. Today I am taking her to the vet and am hoping for some closure about that.

These posts feel left unfinished until I share some relevant music.


I love this comment on YouTube about Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony:

Of, course my blog posts feel left unfinished until I express thanks to all who help me create them, including YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Day 3273: What feels left unfinished?

  1. Thank you for helping me finish my pre-work Friday morning routing with a good read of your blog, Ann. Good luck with Joan’s vet visit, today. I’ll keep my ear out to hear how she does!

  2. Simple. Lots!

  3. I’ve heard that some writers will deliberately leave an unfinished sentence when they quit writing for the day so they have a place to start when they pick it up again the next day. Sometimes there’s a benefit to leaving things unfinished.

  4. That sounds like a question coming from a great therapist!

  5. i love to think of things as unfinished, as it always leaves room for possibilities –

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