Day 3268: There’s a place for us

Yesterday, there was a place for us to see Stephen Spielberg’s West Side Story, with Leonard Bernstein’s incredible music and a young Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics, including “There’s a place for us.”

There’s a place for us to share the beautiful song “Somewhere” (and that place is here).

The place where the PPAS choir is singing “Somewhere” in that video is New York’s Lincoln Center, a place whose construction is displacing the characters in Spielberg and Tony Kushner’s version of West Side Story.

There’s a place for me to write that I loved the movie, except for (SPOILER ALERT!*) the decision to take “there’s a place for us” and Somewhere away from the young lovers Maria and Tony.

There’s a place for this excerpt from Tasha Robinson’s West Side Story review:


There’s a place for us to see all my images for today.

There’s a place for us to celebrate those National Days, or anything else we choose to observe every day. There’s a place for us to find out what National Ding-a-Ling Day is, and that place is here.

Also, there’s a place for our cats, and that seems to be wherever they want.

There’s a place for you to leave a comment about this blog post, below.

There’s always a place for us to express gratitude to all those we appreciate, including YOU.


* Here’s the place for me to share that I’ve been meaning to get back to songwriting and there’s a place somewhere that I’ve stored the lyrics and the tune for one of my unfinished pieces, “SPOILER ALERT!”

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17 thoughts on “Day 3268: There’s a place for us

  1. I used to believe that I’d go to the big mall and its movie screens at least once a week, Ann. And I really miss that ingrained understanding about our life.

  2. Is there a radiator vent under that sink cabinet? Joan looks very content.

  3. I believe I will never be a vicar!

  4. Although I haven’t seen the new West Side Story yet I think there is something significant in Rita Moreno singing “There’s a place for us”, after she initially turned down the offer to be part of the new film until she learned Tony Kushner had written a role specifically for her.
    I think we’ve also seen that cats belong everywhere, and I’m glad today is National Ding-A-Ling Day even though there’s a place for Chuck Berry every day.

  5. I’m glad that the PPAS choir did that beautiful song justice, and I’m sorry Spielberg and Kushner altered the screenplay somewhat there, but at least Rachel Zegler is a fair pick for the character of Maria.

    As for the rest, there’s a place for Joan in Buddhism:

  6. I read your post title quickly and thought it said There’s a better place for us. I was just thinking about my bipolar Mom who chose to end her life on Christmas Eve day 2012. There was a lot to it, but I know she’s in a better place (as her note indicated) and although surprised by her choice, have never begrudged her for it. After having a spiritual awakening in 2011, I’ve learned a lot about the other side and have a few clairvoyant friends. I’ve been able to check in on Mom a few times and she truly is in a better place. That said, your spoiler about West Side Story stinks. Why would they make such a change? I’ve never actually watched it but have the record and a CD from the original broadway cast, and love the music. Guess I’ll just have to keep listening to my recording.

    • There’s always a place for you here. Thanks for sharing about your mother. And all in all, the new West Side Story is still very fabulous.

  7. there is a place for us where we make the space. the cats already understand this and live this way. the humans are working on it.

  8. I remember seeing the first trailer for West Side Story about a year ago and I’ve looked forward to it since then. But we aren’t going into theaters yet, so I’m really disappointed that we may miss out. There’s a place for me on my sofa if it gets released to stream. It’s not the same, but it would be my best option. 🙂

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