Day 3263: What should I watch?

Last night, I asked hundreds of people on Twitter, who have never met me, what I should watch.

Several people suggested that I watch other musical documentaries and other productions related to the Beatles. The suggestions included some of my favorite movies including A Hard Day’s Night, Help, This is Spinal Tap, and Stop Making Sense.

I loved this suggestion about what I should watch …

… and I loved this suggestion, too.


Today’s images include other things I’ve been watching.


Here’s “Watching the Wheels” by John Lennon.


I watch for expressions of gratitude, including these for YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 3263: What should I watch?

  1. Watch the watchers watching you! It confuses the mind!

  2. So what did you end up watching? Ted Lasso is a fave of mine–the seasons go by so fast!

  3. Somehow I missed until just now that today is World Trick Shot Day. ESPN used to occasionally show pool games around the holidays, and it’s a shame they don’t anymore because the trick shot competitions were especially fun to watch. The tricks were impressive but what really made them entertaining was that trick shot performers–especially Mike Massey and Charles Darling–would compliment each other and simply enjoyed working together. It’s nice to see a sporting event where the competition is secondary and the competitors’ main focus is just having a good time.

  4. I’m about half-way through “Get Back” and thoroughly captivated. But even with all of my enthusiasm, I’m watching it very slowly. I am so melancholy watching it! It brings up a lot of feeling and emotion that has completely surprised me. I’m so glad you’ve given it your own “thumbs up,” and I’ll stick with it, certainly.

    • It seems that everything I’m watching these days, Debra, brings up a lot of feelings. That documentary is definitely worth it.

  5. one of my recent new favorite things to watch is called ‘midnight diner’ on Netflix. each episode is like a quiet little play and there is always simple, beautiful food and an ironic lesson

  6. You don’t just watch, Ann, you dive right in.

  7. I’m watching the whereabouts of Harley’s descendants:

  8. Recoverwing

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