Day 3261: Great courage

It takes great courage to face another challenging day and to show up here, now.

Do you see great courage in my images for today?

“International Ninja Day” reminds me of the great courage shown in the Ninja Cat video:

I guess great courage includes knowing when to run away!

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “great courage.”

If you leave a comment, below, I appreciate your great courage in doing so.

Thanks to my blogging friend beth for the awesome holiday card and to all who show great courage during difficult times, including YOU!

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5 thoughts on “Day 3261: Great courage


    I look like my father. That makes me happy!

  2. Some days I look like myself, Ann, and other days I really look like myself.

  3. It takes great courage for Joan to stand up to Harley knowing he has won 5 Nobel prizes, has been knighted several times, and is a revered Buddha in the household. Only time will tell if she becomes dame Joan or eventually queen.

  4. I think it would take great courage to eat a mouse to find out what one tastes like in the interest of making a mouse-flavored cat food but it would be a great success.

  5. a million times each day we demonstrate courage, in ways both big and small. glad you enjoyed the card!

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