Day 3258: What’s a great gift for you?

Yesterday, when I was thinking of great gifts I’ve been given, I posted this on Twitter:

The answers I’m getting to that question are great gifts for me.

Do you see any great gifts in my other images for today?


The greatly gifted Stephen Sondheim left great gifts for me and so many others. Here are Broadway stars sharing their gifts this past Sunday to sing Sondheim’s “Sunday” in Times Square.

This “Remembering Stephen Sondheim” piece from the New York Times is a great gift for me.

What’s a great gift for you?

I hope you accept my gift of gratitude for all the gifts you bring, here and now.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3258: What’s a great gift for you?

  1. Barbara Cunio

    I just love your blog. It is something I look forward to. Your pictures tell a great story.


  2. Thank you for your gift of this thought provoking post that is a great reminder of the really important things in life to be grateful for.

  3. Life and love!

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    Reading your blog every morning!
    that’s a great gift

  5. Now Joan is not a queen. There hasn’t been a coronation, unlike Harley who’s already been knighted, crowned, won at least 5 Nobel prizes, and is also a Buddha. Joan is a Budai, a semi-legendary Buddhist monk, depicted as a fat, smiling, with elongated earlobes and a vast spreading stomach.

  6. i love to give and receive the gift of kindness.

  7. Kind words and a smile are enough, Ann!

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