Day 3257: Relationships

As I look at my photos and the news for today, I am thinking about relationships.

It occurs to me, here and now, that people can have relationships with

  • other people,
  • animals,
  • themselves,
  • food,
  • machines, including their cars, and
  • guns.

This article about the latest deadly school shooting in the USA includes this quote from Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer: “This is a uniquely American problem that we need to address.”

The late, great Stephen Sondheim, who wrote profound lyrics and music about so many types of relationships, created this masterpiece, from Assassins, about relationships with guns:

I depend on my healthy relationships to help me make meaning of the disturbing relationships in the world. What are your thoughts and feelings about the relationships described in today’s blog?

Every day, I am grateful for all my sustaining relationships with others, including YOU.

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10 thoughts on “Day 3257: Relationships

  1. it was a very sad day in Michigan, it was at a school about 40 miles from me and another child died today. as teacher, mother, grandmother, and human being, it was hard for so many reasons. we are all connected and we feel for others. that is what relationships are all about. .

  2. puella33

    I suppose the first and healthy relationship has to be with each of ourselves

  3. I think Auden said it best when he said, “We must love one another or die.” And also I’m now craving pie, but maybe part of that is that food brings us together in harmony.

  4. I can recall that my loving relationship with pizza started when I was a young boy living in Brooklyn, Ann!

  5. It seems Joan is a queen there, and Harley, remember he was knighted some time ago.

    There are so many types of relationships, how does one even know which one is being experienced and at which moment? Are they flesh & bone, are they unannounced calls, anonymous letters, unfamiliar faces? Are they bird songs, rain, wind, or snow, bursting on the threshold of consciousness, on a peak moment, or increased wakefulness state.

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