Day 3254: Joan wants to know

Joan, our newish shelter cat, wants to know a lot, because she is a very curious kitty. She is not alone: I am very curious, too.

Yesterday, I posted this question on Twitter, claiming that Joan wants to know.

Joan wants to know why I chose to include her in that question. Good question, Joan! I know that if I do include Joan, I’m likely to love the responses even more.

Joan wants to know what you think about the images in today’s blog.

Joan wants to know if you are going to be celebrating National French Toast Day and/or Chanukah.

This is what I find when I search YouTube for “Joan wants to know.”

Joan wants to know if you knew there is a musical group named “Joan.”

Joan wants to know your thoughts and feelings about this blog post.

Finally, Joan wants to know if you know how grateful we are for you!

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11 thoughts on “Day 3254: Joan wants to know

  1. I think you should make bracelets that read ‘jwtn.’ (Joan wants to know), as rival for the ever-popular (wwjd?) bracelet. inquiring minds want to know and I am certainly one of them, endlessly curious about the world. happy Chanukah to you and yours and I’ll be celebrating French toast day!

  2. Has Joan asked about having her own WordPress account yet? If not, it won’t be long before she does!

  3. Through Joan’s blog visits, Ann, I am thoroughly convinced that you and Michael chose the best new kitty personality to join your household!
    I am washing my hands at a steady rate and wearing my mask in public consistently, although you did not ask about part two of that equation.
    I think Aaron’s end-of-2021 facial appearance appears very winter-warm to me.
    And lately I seem to be playing air drums most frequently. My dad would be surprised and most pleased, I think.
    Have a good last day of the long holiday weekend.

  4. Debbie T

    Love the fish pictures!

  5. Joan wants to know about her coronation:

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