Day 3251: Who is grateful for you?

On Thanksgiving Day in the USA, many people consider who and what they’re grateful for.

Yesterday, on Twitter, I asked this question;

I’m going to answer my own question, which is only fair. The people who are grateful for me (I assume) include

  • family members,
  • friends,
  • patients,
  • strangers I’ve been kind to,
  • Twitter followers, and
  • my blog readers.

I am grateful for you, my dear readers, and I gently request, here and now, that you consider who is grateful for you. If you can let go of fears about asking yourself that question, I think it’s helpful to embrace the possibility that you might be inspiring more gratitude than you suspect.

I am grateful for your attention to today’s images.

This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “who is grateful for you?”


Who is grateful for you, besides me?

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14 thoughts on “Day 3251: Who is grateful for you?

  1. I don’t understand this “manners” thing when there are cat photos – cats own the tables, control the tables and decide what is on the table and what is not. There are no “manners” involved…

  2. people, animals, food, warmth, nature, and love

  3. The people who love me, I truly hope, Ann! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Michael, Aaron and all that you love and love you.

  4. puella33

    I would like to believe that those we love including my friends are grateful for me. Happy Thanksgving, Ann- always grateful for your kindness

  5. I am grateful for the simple things of life and my poem called “The Simple Things” will be published tomorrow.

  6. I’m uncomfortable speaking for others but I know there are people who are grateful for me because they show it through their actions. And I hope you know that coming here regularly is my small way of showing how grateful I am for you.

  7. Joan steals the show. What a majestic cat.

    Sometimes gratitude lingers on silently, whether its origin is in one’s bloodline or not, whether it’s towards oneself or others, or towards inanimate subjects. Amongst humans, most often gratitude will have the tendency to not be expressed in the moment because generosity strikes everyone differently. Thanksgiving is just a ritual, a ceremony. Real life has unspoken gratitude going on continuously. It’s up to us to accept its silent nature and quit our expectations so as to not feel the disappointment.

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