Day 3241: Discover what moves you

Yesterday, when I was at the Boston Opera House to see the moving musical Hadestown, I discovered this:

As we are moving through the pandemic, I am discovering that more people feel safe enough to move together in a crowd.

Today, what moves me is going to be an Amtrak train taking me and my son Aaron to New York City. I’ll discover what moves me in NYC, besides the new Broadway production of Company and Late Night with Steven Colbert, once I get there.

What moves me is that my son Aaron still likes to travel with me.

Discover what moves you in today’s blog post, including these images:

No matter how much I move, I am not discovering a flat stomach.

I discovered yesterday that “Why We Build The Wall” from Hadestown moves me.

I look forward to discovering what moves you in the comments section, below.

I discover, every day, that gratitude moves me, so thanks to all who have the courage to move or be moved, including YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3241: Discover what moves you

  1. The way you move through live moves me, Ann.

  2. Today I discovered something new that moves me, thanks to you Ann. I have spent the past half an hour searching through different recordings of “Why We Build The Wall” so that I can pass it on to others. Thank you.

  3. It moves me to know that theater is alive and well, even if it’s changed a little under the current circumstances.

  4. I love, love to take the train anywhere. the note from Aaron to you is so wonderful

    • I discovered that birthday gift from a very-young-Aaron packed away in the suitcase I chose to use for NYC. I guess I must have put it there when we were moving four years ago; I wanted to make sure it didn’t get hurt in the move. A wonderful memory.

  5. Usually listening to an old song or melody, emotions play themselves out, lots of euphoria down memory lane. What moves me can be like an overall cocktail of inertia and crossing finishing lines mixed together.

  6. Music moves me, as does time spent in a favorite gallery or museum. And a good conversation with a dear friend can shake me to my core. Your posts often move me, too, Ann. Your optimism and cheer have warmed my heart on many a day….

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