Day 3240: Welcome all

Welcome, all you wonderful people who visit this daily blog!

Yesterday, in a therapy session where somebody was working on how to welcome all their feelings, I shared the poem The Guest House by Rumi.

I welcome all your feelings and thoughts about Rumi’s poem and about my images for today.

On National Pickle Day, I welcome all songs with the word “welcome” in the title, including “Welcome to the Working Week” by Elvis Costello.

I welcome all connections, including these: (1) I am not working this week and (2) I will be sitting in that same theatre on Wednesday when I attend Late Night with Steven Colbert in NYC.

I also welcome all opportunities to relax and read a good book, like this one by my friend Janet:

Of course, I welcome all comments, below.

Welcome all expressions of gratitude, including mine!

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20 thoughts on “Day 3240: Welcome all

  1. Debbie T

    I can’t completely agree with that quotation from Edward Everett Hale. After spending most of my adult life filling my days doing things for others and pitching in for important causes, I’ve finally learned that my self-care requires me to make the difficult choice to refuse to do something–many things–that I “can” do. Or maybe I’m not understanding his meaning correctly.

  2. I hope that Ali has a good break!

  3. Thank you for sharing this deeply stirring poem, Ann. I relate to a moment in my life last evening, soaking up special words at the beginning of a carefully and caringly crafted memorial concert when an attendee sitting in the row behind decided to stir, make phone noises with her phone, and declare loudly to those with her that she’d had enough of this because she’d come to hear the band. A person in front of her and to our left calmly asked her once to be quiet. When she persisted, he erupted with foul words directed at her behavior. Quite a stir in both their houses, and I was able to remain silent throughout despite very strong feelings in both directions.

  4. puella33

    I like Rumi’s poem It’s realistic with a touch of grace.

  5. I’m embracing all of your post. Thanks Ann 💕

  6. I used to go to regular poetry readings at a local coffee shop. Most people (including me) read our own poems but there was one person who always read some poems by Rumi. I enjoyed that because it was a good way of welcoming both past and present.

  7. Great autumn images, I welcome all those landscapes full of color and light.

    • Autumn leaves is a jazz standard composed by Joseph Kosma in 1945 with original lyrics by Jacques Prévert in French: “Les Feuilles mortes”.

  8. I always enjoy Rumi, and didn’t know this poem. Beautiful! I welcome the abundant fall colors you share with us. The vibrancy is not so apparent here in SoCal. But I did welcome the sound of two owls in nearby trees tonight. They definitely made me feel very close to nature, and thereby, very happy!

  9. thank you for sharing this beautiful poem, ann. connections are what make life special

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