Day 3237: Nourishment

When people talk about food in my therapy groups (and they often do!), I sometimes invite them to expand the discussion to include different kinds of nourishment.

It might be nourishing to include a definition of nourishment here.


Do you see nourishment in my images for today?

I hope for a day when veterans everywhere get the nourishment they need.

I doubt I’ll get the nourishment of a Sundae today (because I work from 9 – 8 on Thursdays), but there’s always tomorrow!

Part of my recent nourishment has been listening to Pat Metheny’s Side-Eye NYC album, including this nourishing tune:

What types of nourishment have you been getting these days?

Gratitude is one of my favorite kinds of nourishment, so thanks to all who visit this blog, including YOU.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3237: Nourishment

  1. Joan is saying that she also digs Doug, Ann!

  2. I am nourished by the memories of lots of good men and women who served, and continue to serve, us all.

  3. puella33

    Every day I’m nourished by your blog, Ann

  4. Joseph Brodsky said that what we read is nourishment for the mind, and I feel very nourished here, especially after reading Joan’s thoughts.

  5. Sustenance, to ease the journey and keep me going, nourishment from earth, light, water and air, from which I developed wrinkles and grew old, to stomach the world for the unborn.

  6. I am nourished by kind words and gestures.

  7. An hour of spiritual nourishment in my sanctuary (angel room) followed by a healthy breakfast are the perfect means of nourishment that start my days with a bang!

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