Day 3235: Be mindful

“Be mindful” is good advice and is something I saw on a sign yesterday near work.

Because I try to be mindful of people I love, I want to wish my friend and co-worker Jan a happy birthday!

Let’s be mindful of all the riches around us.

Let’s be mindful about self care, shall we?

What else is there to be mindful about? What helps you to be mindful?

When I search YouTube for “be mindful,” I find this

… and this:

Be mindful of the comments section, below.

Finally, be mindful of how grateful I am that you show up here, exactly the way you do.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3235: Be mindful

  1. I know our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B is a Bagel Retriever, right, Ann?

  2. I am mindful that I don’t write as much poetry as my brain tells me to!

  3. AdventurousAngela

    I love the idea of self-care bingo! 😍

  4. I embrace mindfulness, too. That self-care Bingo is a great one! I hope to use that with my nursing home friends tonight and see if they can fill it out by next week!

  5. my specialty is cupcakes and i am always mindful about who needs one or many from me. it is impossible not to smile back to a cupcake.

  6. I’m mindful of things that don’t necessarily have a name, whether they utter sounds or not, whether they’re far or near, or necessarily have any light to them or not. I’m mindful of nuances.

  7. I am mindful to do my best to start each day on a hopeful note. And my baking specialty is cheesecake…given half a chance, my husband will eat the entire thing in 2 days….😳

  8. This is a wonderful time of year for me to be purposeful in sharing my time with others, as holidays seem to stimulate that interest in me. And just so you know, I regularly make fabulous sourdough bread, I have for years and not just since the pandemic bread baking mania took off. 😉 I wish I could share some with you, my friend. ❤️

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