Day 3232: Questions

Is there any question that I love to ask questions?

My Twitter handle is inqdragon2, because

  • I’m inquisitive and ask lots of questions,
  • I was born in the year of the dragon,
  • I used the name “Inquisitive Dragon” when a bunch of my friends chose dragon names as part of a fun experience of seeing lots of Jackie Chan’s Hong Kong movies in the 90s, and
  • Somebody else already grabbed the Twitter name “inqdragon.”

My question about that is: what are the odds that somebody else would want that name on Twitter?

Here are just some of my questions about questions:

  • Are there any stupid questions?
  • How do you decide how much you want to reveal in response to a question?
  • If you’re a trial lawyer, is it true that you should only ask questions in court that you know the answer to?
  • Are there other situations where that’s true?
  • Can it help to ask questions that make people uncomfortable?
  • Do some questions violate people’s boundaries?
  • If you ask a question of others, should you be ready and willing to answer it yourself?
  • Is the love of asking questions a good quality for a therapist?
  • Are too many questions annoying?
  • If you ask a question and nobody answers, is it still worthwhile?
  • If you ask a question and lots of people answer, how important is it for you to let people know that you heard their answers?
  • Are yes-or-no questions as useful as open-ended questions?
  • Can you answer any question with “It depends?”
  • Are any of these rhetorical questions?

Is there any question that there will be questions in my images for today?

I love the tune “Question and Answer” by Pat Metheny.

Any questions?

I never question ending my posts with gratitude for YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3232: Questions

  1. I don’t want DST all-year-round, Ann, because I think it would be too darn dark in the morning in the winter. I’d ask you your opinion, but, you know, another question, so it’s voluntary.

  2. I always read “Inqdragon2” as “Ink Dragon, too” — as in, “not only am I a compassionate therapist who helps people, but I am an awesome writer, too.”

    I have always thought it was one of the best names out there on Twitter.

    Thank you for sharing the photos of your home repairs. I really wish she didn’t have to go through this. Your house looks very well built, however! And it looks like the crew have everything well in hand. I hope that this is not too expensive and that you have some working plumbing in the meantime. People who can fix things like that using ladders and ingenuity have superpowers, I think.

  3. Every question can be answered, or not. It depends.

  4. Without questions we’d never seek answers, like “Why does the opening of Pat Metheny’s ‘Question & Answer’ sound so familiar to me?” He explained that very well but the answer still led to more questions in my mind.

  5. We probe life with endless questions to test the depth of the waters that surround us before step in.

  6. “before stepping in” I must say.

  7. i am truly endlessly curious and always asking questions. that is how i learn

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