Day 3231: How do you prepare yourself?

How do you prepare yourself for the challenges of a new day?

I prepare myself by gathering all my photos and captured screenshots from the day before and somehow creating a new blog post out of them.

How do you prepare yourself for today’s images?

How do you prepare yourself for National Donut Day, National Love Your Red Hair Day, and National Jersey Friday?

I need to prepare myself for a day when I am facilitating a telehealth therapy group from home, talking to contractors who will be assessing the structural damage from our leaky shower, and taking our kitty Joan to the vet to see if her ear infection has cleared up.

Prepare yourself for the inspiration of Muniba Mazari in this YouTube video, PREPARE YOURSELF.”

How do you prepare yourself to share your thoughts and feelings with others? If you choose, you can prepare a comment below.

Prepare yourself for the end of this blog post, which always includes thanks to YOU!

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9 thoughts on “Day 3231: How do you prepare yourself?

  1. I endeavor to read and make the most of the great posts from my favorite blogging friends, Ann, and then I cross the road(s) to my job at the library.

  2. I first check to see that I woke up alive. Mostly it works quite well!

  3. i wake up and jump in

  4. I am very sorry to hear about the structural damage from your leaky shower, Ann.

  5. Debbie T

    I don’t remember people decorating so extensively for Halloween when we were children.

  6. I recently told a friend who’s known me for almost twenty years that I was a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout. He didn’t know that and said, “That goes against everything you stand for!” I was not prepared for that response but I should have been. After all every Scout should heed the advice of Tom Lehrer.

  7. I save in the draft of my blog. to review and check if it okey. anyway beautiful photos you have

  8. Joan is so cute and it’s a great shot.

    Sometimes I don’t prepare myself for anything. I can also rehearse an imaginary sequence of some sort in my mind to face a situation but this is a risk. Now that I’m older, I do make a list of questions and answers to fully anticipate future scenarios and their outcomes.

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