Day 3224: Improve the Moment

“Improve the moment” is a set of DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) skills, as follows:




Relaxing actions

One thing in the moment



If you want to improve your understanding of that set of DBT skills, see here.

Yesterday, I tried to improve the moment by posting this on Twitter:

Do any of my other images for today improve the moment?

Eating a nutritious meal on National Cat Day while planning a trip to New York City in November would improve many moments for me!

I think I can improve this blog post by including this video here:

How can you improve the moment, here and now?

Gratitude always improves the moment, so thanks to all who are taking a moment to visit this blog post, including YOU!

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17 thoughts on “Day 3224: Improve the Moment

  1. My dear wife Karen taking me to see ‘Wicked’ at our Landmark Theatre was very memorable, Ann.

  2. puella33

    What happened to your cat’s leg, Ann?

  3. Was there a big windstorm in your neighbourhood?
    To improve this moment, I am going to pay my cat, who is on my lap

    • There was a big rain and wind storm that hit Boston. Our neighborhood was relatively unscathed. Cats deserve salaries and also nice pats.

      • Ahahhà, Ann, Thank you for catching that I meant to say that I was going to pat my cat.

        I hope that you came through the wind storm unscathed.

  4. While I’m sorry about the destruction I do find that a good storm can improve the moment by clearing the air.
    And my most memorable theatrical event was seeing The Rocky Horror Show live on stage. When The Criminologist came out the audience booed and yelled at him, and someone said something especially rude, and The Criminologist just said, “Oh, shut it, I’m turning money up here and I even get to keep my clothes on.” Everyone laughed and from then on the whole audience got quiet whenever he came out. He even got the biggest standing ovation at the end.

  5. sorry for the local halloween things falling by the wayside. i can improve the moment by reading and responding to your eclectic post. p.s. i am huge fan of your local kayakers.

  6. You improve the moment for so many, including your Twitter followers, but offering some quality dialogue. Your prompts are excellent! I’m impressed!

  7. That technique to Improve the Moment sounds really exciting. In my case, my camera helps. I installed the Halide camera app for iPhone and it’s interesting but has a learning curve.

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